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Can historical romance and paranormal romance co-exist in one book?

What do you think? Can historical romance and paranormal romance co-exist in one book?

I love historical romance. I’ve read it since I was 16 and I’ve written Regency romance for many (many) years. I love the costumes, the manners, playing with the concept of a closed society (which the British aristocracy certainly was, and arguably still is today, despite the fact that Price William wed a “commoner”) .  All of my Regency romances are about an outsider trying to fit into the established society. 

Paranormal romance is loads of fun too. All about the what-if. What if vampires were real? What if werewolves existed? What if there really is magic in our world? It’s so much fun to imagine the possibilities, and their implications on society. 

So, now, think about combining the two. Paranormal beings are almost always outsiders – Other. All of my Regency romances are about outsiders, people who don’t quite fit into the aristocratic society called the ton.  Sounds like a perfect match to me! Don’t you think?

So, I acted on this lovely aligning of genres to imagine a world where magic truly exists. A people called “Vallen” (Latin meaning powerful) who have varying abilities associated with a particular element. A people whose role it is to use their powers only for good to help human society advance through medicine, science, art, poetry or leadership. The Vallen have existed since the time of King Arthur. They come from magical Isle of Avalon and have lived amongst ordinary people for centuries. 

Naturally, I’ve got to have a story about the origins of the Vallen off the Isle of Avalon (actually, it’s three stories which I expect to be publishing this Fall called the Children of Avalon Series). But then, from there, I can -- and have -- created stories in any time period. Naturally, I began with the Regency. 

The concept behind Magic In The Storm is that since the beginning the Vallen have always had a high priestess to oversee the welfare of the people and to ensure that Vallen only use their powers for good. With intermarrying and just the passage of time, the powers of the Vallen wane, so every seventh generation high priestess has the ability to, with a touch, renew the powers of a Vallen man or woman. Until Morgan is born. 

Morgan, born to the line of Morgan le Fey,  should have been a girl like every other seventh child in his family since the days of King Arthur. Morgan was destined to not only become the high priestess, but the Seventh as well. But he is male.  Will a male be able to become a high priest? Will he inherit the powers necessary to be the Seventh? His mother doesn’t think so and is looking forward to his twenty-first birthday (at which age he should have taken over from her as high priestess) when he will lose what little power he has. But destiny will not be thwarted.

Destiny brings Adriana into Morgan’s life. She is being married off by her uncaring guardian to Lord Vallentyn, Morgan’s older brother, but she is doing all that she can to stop the engagement from going forward. She doesn’t want to marry, she simply wants to paint – it is the only thing in her life that gives her any joy, until the day she meets a strange man in the woods who rescues her from under a fallen tree and, somehow, heals her broken leg. There is something about him that draws her to him again and again. 

With a race against time, Morgan must develop his missing powers and somehow convince Adriana to understand who and what he is. I can guarantee you, there will be some surprising results in this Regency-set paranormal romance. 

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  1. I absolutely believe that historical and paranormal can and should mix!

    Very cool concepts, Ms. Bond. :)